Eat Happy Too Cookbook Hard Cover Giveaway!!

I’ve got 5 copies of Eat Happy Too here, ready to be mailed to 5 lucky winners!

If you’d like enter, do the following:

The Giveaway ends midnight PST Friday 5/29. Open to US residents only.

Thanks for playing!



  • Liz Melara / Reply

    Please enter me in book giveaway

  • Reading your recipes is an adventure I am enjoying thoroughly….. even before cooking! Thank you for helping me make this life-transformation.

  • Susan Craig / Reply

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Lisa Henrich / Reply

    I cannot wait to see what you’ve included in this! I’ve gifted Eat Happy to a couple friends and my mom- both low-carb followers and not, and everyone finds in instantly indispensable.

  • danielle seaman / Reply

    I don’t have an Instagram but would still love to win a copy of your book.

  • Eating healthy seams hard, but it doesn’t have to

  • Karley Moore / Reply

    The book looks awesome!!

  • Looks Awesome

  • Vickie V / Reply


  • Tina Morris / Reply


  • Antoinette M / Reply

    Follow on Instagram (twinkletwin02) and YouTube (Antoinette M)
    Thank you!

  • I’ve gone through 3 copies of Eat Happy as I keep giving them away to friends who are interested in gettin healthy! Keep up the good work. I just followed you on Insta and YouTube.

  • Always a fan always my favorite chef

  • Debra S. / Reply

    Eat Happy 2… ahhh.. yay!

  • Renee Rousseau / Reply

    Followed and subscribed! Thanks for sharing your JOY!

  • BillMcNiff / Reply

    Subscribed on You Tube. Please enter me in the contest. Love the first EH book. Thanks !

  • Sherrie Johnson / Reply

    Well…I’ve gladly subscribed to your Instagram and YouTube channel. I did not know that you had a YT channel!! I do pray you’ll be making more videos on this channel. I have your first cookbook and love it. I also loved watching the video interview on the Quit Sugar Summit 2020. I ended up purchasing the thing because there was no way to watch ALL the videos. Hope to win this cookbook.

  • Heininger Kim / Reply

    Love your book

  • Sabrina parnell / Reply

    Love all your recipes. They are so healthy.

  • Lynn Chaidez / Reply

    Followed and Subscribed

  • Marlene Martinez / Reply

    Excited about the the contest!!!!

  • Thank You for the opportunity to win one of your books. I love your Recipes. Joined your list.

  • Amy Fullmer / Reply

    Would love a copy!

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