31 Days of Meals and Instructional PDF (Recipes from the Eat Happy Books)

OK kids, here’s what y’all have been asking me about for years. A meal plan.

Not just any meal plan. A meal plan to help folks stay on their NSNG game for a full month. A 31 day month. Let’s call that month January because that’s the next month that’s coming up as I write this.

But if you find this post mid-year in any year, please just start tomorrow, and use this meal plan as your guide. I’m here to help, plus I spent a shit ton of time making this thing, so I’m eager for folks to get value out of it.

Here goes…

How to get your mitts on the Meal Plan:

FIRST: read the accompanying instructional PDF first.

SECOND: the meal plan is in Excel format so you can change it around to your heart’s content.

THIRD: I mean it, you must read my instructional PDF first.

FOURTH: I included my daily planner template in this bundle. I use this exact template every single day to help me get the things done that are important to me, and to remind me to plan my meals and fit in some exercise too. I promise I’ll do a recorded explanation of this template and update this post with it soon.

FIFTH: Yes, you have to provide your email address to get these items. Thank you for understanding that I am building my business. I will never spam you, sell your email to anyone, or abuse the privilege of having the ability to email you. Frankly, most of you reading this are already on my list, and adding your email below will not create a duplicate entry. The email elves are pretty good at sorting that all out.

**If you happened to stumble here from other socials or the hinterlands of the interwebs, “NSNG” stands for No Sugars No Grains, trademarked by my friend and podcast cohost Vinnie Tortorich. He has a very comprehensive and very free pdf explaining NSNG, and you should download it immediately.

To Grab Your 31 Days of Meals Plan and Other Bonuses:

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