Lemme Get All Up In Your Business!


I’m finally ready to expose my quiet, secret passion, folks.

My mom always told me not to be a braggart, so I’ve kept my love of brand building (and financial success) to myself.

I have spent many years building several brands and businesses worth several millions of dollars in revenue and equity. Some of these businesses I own myself, and some I contribute to in an advisory capacity.

I’m ready to bring this expertise to small business owners who are ready to take their sh*t to the next level.

During our hour together, I will learn and understand your business, examine your pain points, and hear what you want to gain and how you’d like to grow. We will identify what is working, evaluate your current income streams, and acknowledge the gap of where you’d like your business to be. We will identify top negative beliefs and habits that are preventing your growth and income potential. Then we will create a new Road Map to position you and your business as an expert in your field. 

This consultation is reserved for folks who really want to have my undivided attention. Please send your business information and intentions in advance, so I can be prepared.

We will have one hour to break it down and build it up, so be prepared to get to work!