Happiness is Served!

The Eat Happy Cookbook is packed with 154 delicious grain- free, gluten-free recipes that are also free of any processed sugars. There are meats, fish, sides, soups, starters, casseroles, slow cooker recipes, breakfast dishes, and even desserts to satisfy sweets cravings, all with virtually no sugar. Eat Happy gives you comfort food where you won’t miss the sugars or grains so you can feel happy from eating real foods.

Anna Vocino is bringing even more culinary delights to your kitchen with Eat Happy Too: 160+ NEW delicious grain-free, gluten-free, low-carb recipes that are also free of processed sugars. There is even a desserts chapter which has some splurge recipes made from the finest ingredients, so that when you have something to celebrate, you can do it with minimal metabolic effect on your body.