From The Vault: Free Radio Pitch MP3 (circa 2007)

This post is for the Free Radio fans still out there:

      Free Radio-Anna_Lance_1-2.aif

One day years ago, Lance Krall came to my house to record an MP3 that would hopefully help him pitch a tv show idea to Vh1.  

He explained the concept:  idiotic radio station intern gets thrown on the air when the current shock jock DJ defects to satellite radio.  The intern is a mega dipshit, the show is a train wreck, and the ratings are better than ever.  Lance told me to be his news and traffic girl/straightwoman, and “Moron In The Morning,” the show within the show of Free Radio was born.

This is our very first time on the mic together as these characters, before we ever thought it possible that this could be a tv show that would run for two seasons:

      Free Radio-Anna_Lance_1-2.aif

Plus a Free Radio deleted scene with the Always Sunny guys to give you a giggle.



  • Bret A. Hetzel / Reply

    This fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Still waiting for the FREE RADIO boxed set.

    • Bret A. Hetzel / Reply

      Was this at all scripted or was it all improv?

      • this MP3 was all improvised. The show itself had an outline and was improvised from that, and the behind the scenes stuff was scripted.

    • JOE SAENZ / Reply

      Second that…..

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