Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast 002: Roundtable Discussion and Q&A

      002 EHK Clubcast 51021

As always, we do these Clubcasts every Monday live from 5-6pm pacific time. Get the app downloaded and post in the Facebook groups if you need an invite. Make sure you find and join the Eat Happy Kitchen club so you are able to join the conversation.

This week’s NSNG/Low Carb Clubcast topics include:

  • Prep for getting back out after pandemic (how to eat for events at restaurants and parties, eating in advance)
  • Carnivore for a week
  • Giving up dairy
  • Which blood tests should you get to determine food allergies
  • What is the AIP: Auto Immune Protocol Diet, and FODMAPS
  • Up 1 pound, down 2 pounds…does Intermittent Fasting help or harm?
  • Sous vide cooking: should I get one of these puppies?
  • What are the least expensive cuts of meat and what’s up with this chicken shortage?

Transcript: 002 Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast 51021



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