016 Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast: Use Your Intuition with Laura Powers

Photo by Sandrine Gomez

      016 EHK Clubcast 83021

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016 Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast

I’m thrilled to have on psychic, intuitive, actor, author, podcaster, and all around wonderful human Laura Powers on today’s club cast. If you’ve ever thought there’s more to losing weight and getting fit than meets the eye, you’d be correct. We dive into the mind-body-spirit connection and you wonderful Happies also volunteer to get vulnerable (thank you)!! Make sure you subscribe to Laura’s podcast Healing Powers–it’s incredible and inspiring!

Topics covered in this club cast:

  • Laura Powers sees ghosts!!! Laura tells her story, and it’s great!!
  • How do you listen to your intuition? Where do you even begin?
  • What kinds of classes teach this stuff (and here’s where to reach out to Laura for her awesome classes and services)
  • Different kinds of mediation and finding what works for you
  • The dark night of the soul and how to clear your energy to make way for good stuff
  • How to know if you’re an empath
  • EFT/Tapping, and Brad Yates on YouTube
  • How to stay positive when you’re life is upside down
  • The spiritual meaning of being “stuck”
  • Jack Canfield and doing 5 thins every day toward your goal (this tip alone is incredible)
  • How to have a more dedicated spiritual practice…and does it really help you make more money??
  • Reversing the lack and poverty mindset around money and weight

And as always, if you hate listening and love reading a computer generated transcript, then have at it: 016 EHK Clubcast 83021


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