Today, I’m laying out a dry rub for pork chops.  I prefer bone-in chops as they remain so much juicier while cooking, but boneless pork chops are also a joy to eat. We usually grill 2 rather large chops at a time, so just scale 
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Store bought dressings are crap.  Absolute dog shit.  And 1000 Island Dressing is no exception.  Look on the ingredient label and find all kinds of surprises…high fructose corn syrup and polysorbate 80.  WTF is polysorbate 80, anyway?  I don’t want to eat that! So then 
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The first time I had real honest-to-goodness Italian pesto in Riomaggiore, Italy in 1994, I thought that I might swoon right off the craggy Ligurian coast and into the deep blue Mediterranean sea.  Basil grows in Liguria better than any place else in the world, 
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