Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast 003: Vinnie Tortorich NSNG 101 and Q&A

      003 Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast 51721


That’s right, I finally got my friend and Fitness Confidential podcast co-host on a Clubhouse! He loved it so much, he’ll be coming back for more, so tune in here today to hear some good questions answered:

  • NSNG 101: What is No Sugars No Grains
  • What qualifies as a sugar or a grain
  • How long does it take to get back into ketosis after gaining back 20-25 pounds?
  • Why are other people’s breakfasts so big?
  • Down 70 pounds, but plateauing the last 15 pounds
  • Diet mindset
  • Food allergies and blood tests

Transcript here if you like to read crazy computer interpretations instead of listening to real voices:

003Clubcast 003 51721



  • Mary Day / Reply

    Great information. Y’all are a riot!!! Love the community and support. Love catching these episodes all the way from Japan!!!

  • Katherine Rodgers / Reply

    So looking for new information

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