The Starter NSNG and Eat Happy Checklist

Are you ready to start cutting out processed sugars and grains but don’t know where to begin? Wanna help a friend or family member on the path to NSNG? I got you, baby.


NSNG = No Sugars No Grains.
NSNG is a trademark owned by my brilliant friend (and Fitness Confidential podcast cohost since 2012) Vinnie Tortorich. I have permission to use the term, and the recipes I publish in my Eat Happy cookbooks adhere to this philosophy.
If you’d like a more precise and thorough explanation of NSNG, then skip to item #1 below immediately, and start reading Vinnie Tortorich’s free PDF.
From NSNG, you can branch off into Low Carb, Paleo, Keto, LCHF (low carb high fat), IF (Intermittent Fasting), Dairy Free, AIP (autoimmune protocol), Whole30, FODMAPS, KetoCarnivore, or full-on Carnivore, depending on what way of eating works best for your body.

This is how I apply NSNG to my own way of eating:

NSNG the perfect foundation for the way I eat, and I individually tweak from there based on my set of circumstances.

For example, even though the majority of my audience eats dairy and eggs, I can’t tolerate dairy, so I avoid that, and I cycle on and off of eggs. I’m naturally in dietary ketosis 95% of the time because I avoid carby foods and also do Intermittent Fasting on the regs. I do me, and you gotta do you. One of the basics of this way of eating is that it’s extremely customizable, just start by cutting out the processed sugars and grains.


Intro to NSNG and Eat Happy Checklist:

The following is a checklist of NSNG basic info to help make that commitment a reality. This list is going to continue to evolve, and I’ll add more resources as needed.

Download the Intro NSNG PDF from Vinnie

This pdf is crucial. Vinnie sums up NSNG and all its FAQs. It’s the What and the Why of NSNG.


Grab copies of Eat Happy and Eat Happy Too

These are my cookbooks, and they are the How of NSNG. The above links take you to Amazon, and you can get the books at Barnes and Noble or directly from the distributor ($25 plus media mail shipping). I’m also a huge fan of supporting local bookshops with the convenience of online shopping at IndieBound and Bookshop.


Download the 31 Days of Eat Happy Meals Plan

This meal plan covers 93 meals over 31 days. Options for days. Literally. Read the accompanying instructional PDF first. Use the day-planning template in it as well. And by all means, use the 4-Day Recipe Sampler that comes with it.


Download the Eat Happy Shopping List

This list of grocery store perishable and pantry staples will help you wrap your brain around what to put on your shopping list. It’s available at the above link in PDF or Excel format.


Watch Fat: A Documentary and it’s sequel Fat: 2

Vinnie Tortorich produced this with filmmaker Peter Pardini, and it’s another great educational tool that explains the history of how fat was maligned by Big Food in the interest of profiting off of processed foods, and what we can do to get back to eating real food again. Then watch the sequel.


Read why I don’t include nutritional info in my recipes

NSNG has a specific philosophy behind it: to stop the diet mentality and live a healthy life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Oh, and eat real food. People ask why there isn’t any counting or nutritional info on recipes, and this is where I share why it’s one of my life’s missions to help break us away from diet mentality.


Follow my Pinterest for more recipe ideas, pins, boards and inspiration

Yes, I put pretty photos of my recipes on Pinterest, but there are so many other folks doing it too, why not go see the numerous boards I’ve curated for your inspiration.


Join The Eat Happy Facebook Group and Follow Real Anna Vocino on Facebook

The Eat Happy Facebook Group is where people who love to cook NSNG food go to ask and answer questions, share ideas and inspiration, post pics of Eat Happy creations as well as their own, and give all around support to folks who are getting their butts in the kitchen. My Anna Vocino page on Facebook is where I do live cooking demos at least once a month, so follow there to get notified.


Follow my Instagram account where I post ALL my recipe development in my stories

Instagram is the social where I spend the most time. I like the interface, I like pretty pictures, and most importantly, you will see me develop recipes in real time just about every single day. Also, it’s my favorite to see what you all make on your IG stories and tag me. I love to repost and support the community.


Anna Vocino Cooking Videos on YouTube

I know, I mentioning a lot of places where you can find me on socials. If you are not inspired by the above, spend a few minutes watching cooking videos, and you’ll get that Instacart order going in time for dinner.



  • Barb Farr / Reply

    I signed up for the recipes but cannot get them.

    • Hi Barb-
      I searched for your email all throughout mailchimp, and it shows no record of you signing up. Easiest way to sign up is to go to the 31 Days of Meals blog post, scroll to the bottom and sign up there. It will immediately take you to a landing page to download the recipes and Meal Plan, plus you will receive an email with the download links as well.

  • Mia Kartiganer / Reply

    Hi Anna,
    Your cookbooks get a lot of action in our house. My big question is, is there a cheat sheet somewhere with carb counts on vegetables?
    I love veggies and I find it too left brain to figure out my ratios since I assume it isn’t by volume. Don’t get me wrong, I can do protein all day any day… Sadly, I may need to ease up on some of my cheese action, but I’d rather start by clocking my carbs correctly.

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