013: Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast: Mel Brown Author of the Keto Carnivore Cookbook

      013 EHK Clubcast 80221

As always, we do these Clubcasts every Monday live from 5-6pm pacific time. Get the app downloaded and post in the Eat Happy Kitchen Facebook group if you need an invite. Make sure you find and join the Eat Happy Kitchen club on Clubhouse so you are able to join the conversation.

This week’s Eat Happy Kitchen Clubhouse welcomes the delightful Mel Brown, home chef and cookbook author of the fantastic Keto Carnivore Cookbook.

We discuss:

  • Diet mentality and Mel’s journey
  • Mel’s 6 Week Carnivore and Keto Carnivore Meal Plan
  • Elimination diets and food intolerances
  • Mel’s favorite recipes
  • Dry wines and green juices–are they actually low carb?
  • Are there negative effects of moving between keto and carnivore?
  • The Aero Herb Garden
  • Making compound butter out of herbs, lemon zest, etc
  • The dangers of ingesting essential oils

And as always, if you just hate the audio medium, here’s a computer generated transcript of the whole conversation:

Transcript: 013 EHK Clubcast 80221


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