024 EHK Clubcast 111521: Sometimes, you just don’t get the free food. BYO Snacks

      024 ehk clubcast 111521

As always, we do these Clubcasts every Monday live from 5-6pm pacific time. Get the app downloaded and post in the Eat Happy Kitchen Facebook group if you need an invite. Make sure you find and join the Eat Happy Kitchen club on Clubhouse so you are able to join the conversation.

  • Anna is switching over to Substack for her email subsribers. You can sign up for free here.
  • What Bob is making for dinner (two lasagnes, one has no carbs), shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash using short ribs. We love dinner inspiration!
  • How to do Thanksgiving out of Eat Happy—get the recipes from the Thanksgiving Round Up Post here! 
  • How to eat when you’re in a place that serves food but it isn’t NSNG (prepping is key)
    • Make friends with people who provide the food
    • get up early and plan ahead
    • pack a lunch box – meats are great, veggies, beef sticks.
  • Working with youdoctor to cut down your medications when you do NSNG
  • Getting your definitions straight! The white knuckling will go away when you do.
  • Dr. Rob Cywes YouTube 
  • Being more easy on yourself
  • Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube

Here’s a transcript of the whole thing if you like reading computer generated stuff: 024 ehk clubcast 111521




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