Keto Lies, Food Label Lies, and More! 020 Eat Happy Kitchen Clubcast 10182021

Clubcast regular Ty Roberts picture here!

      020 EHK CH 101821


As always, we do these Clubcasts every Monday live from 5-6pm pacific time. Get the app downloaded and post in the Eat Happy Kitchen Facebook group if you need an invite. Make sure you find and join the Eat Happy Kitchen club on Clubhouse so you are able to join the conversation.

This week’s Clubcast is yet another cornucopia of resources and inspiration. Topics covered here:

  • How companies using the word “Keto” on labels is meaningless, and oftentimes a lie
  • 15 Twin packs of Pumpkin Marinara left!
  • How public shaming…I mean…public accountability works wonders
  • Store-bought cauliflower pizza crust vs. homemade
  • Salt Sugar Fat book
  • Staying on track, planning ahead, and batch cooking ideas
  • Cut gloves for kitchen prep, knife work, or using a mandoline
  • The best Santa Maria Try Tip recipe you’ll ever make
  • Ty Roberts (pictured above) happy to give free support to anyone who needs it. Message him here.
  • Someone brought up garlic butter baked pork chops and everyone got hungry
  • Giving out candy at Halloween? How about toothpaste, little airplanes, dental floss, or bouncy balls?
  • Listening to your body tell you when you need to STOP and rest
  • When you have to sit around and eating from boredom
  • Salad dressing mixers and Anna’s Salad Dressing 101 on Instagram
  • NSNG reducing anxiety and depression
  • How to read food labels and keep those good intentions from being stolen

And as always, if you don’t want to listen above, you can download and read this computer generated transcript that may or may not correspond to what’s being said. Who knows?! The robots are taking over! 020 EHK CH 101821




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