025 EHK Clubcast 112221 – PIÙ PANCETTA PIACERE (More Pancetta Please)

      025 EHK Clubcast 112221

As always, we do these Clubcasts every Monday live from 5-6pm pacific time. Get the app downloaded and post in the Eat Happy Kitchen Facebook group if you need an invite. Make sure you find and join the Eat Happy Kitchen club on Clubhouse so you are able to join the conversation.

  • Thanksgiving Check in! Anything goes, you get to choose how you do your holidays.
  • Bob tells us how to do an air fryer turkey in this Charbroil Oil-less Turkey Fryer 
  • Kevin Biggs, we miss you so very much.
  • Thanksgiving menus that could be used for Christmas menus [link to the Thanksgiving round up here]
  • How to stay on track as we launch into the holiday season, and trying not to let the freight train of carbs run you over
  • Take some time for health care and self care
  • How to not eat carbs during the holiday stress
  • Jess’s story of getting the virus and how he believes being in ketosis helped him heal from it
  • How to donate antibodies—Regeneron Infusion. Plus getting canned oxygen at Walgreen’s.
  • Inflicting emotional turmoil about food because of baggage and beliefs
  • When you’re in vacation mode, how not to overdo it
  • Paying attention to your sleep and activity level after covid
  • Megan is the Sleep Sherpa!!
  • Looking for great gifts? Click here for Anna’s Gift Guide

Here’s a transcript of the whole thing if you like reading computer generated stuff

025 EHK Clubcast 112221


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