Sugar Free Easter Ham at my Substack Newsletter

Sugar Free Easter Ham with roasted green beans in the background and a stoneground mustard/mayo mix in the foreground.

This Sugar Free Easter Ham recipe at my Substack newsletter is insanely delicious.

You won’t miss the honey or the brown sugar or the molasses or whatever Dr. Pepper-esque abomination you’ve been told to put on our ham.

We can have an Easter Ham without sugar…and it can be GOOD!!

Spiral hams are a classic Easter main course, but they’re hard to find without a sugary coating or glaze packet. If you buy one from your store that comes with a glaze packet, promptly throw that packed in the trash. You don’t need it!

Ham has a natural sweet and salty taste, depending on how it’s cured. It’s easy to make, all you do is heat it up at a low heat to the desired temperature. Then serve with a variety of mustards (also check those labels for no sugar added).

Make sure you head over to my Substack Recipe Newsletter to get the full recipe for Sugar Free Easter Ham. I provide printable PDFs that you can download over there (without pics to use up all your toner).

Ideas for sides: Cauliflower Gratin, Broccoli Ranch Tots with Pink Ranch Dip, and Cheesy Sprouts.

Have a Happy Easter, Everyone!!



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