Some Tips for Holiday Eating And All The Food Emotions

Staying Low Carb/NSNG this holiday season is no easy feat, especially if you are new to this way of eating.  Listen, I’m in New York City right now, and on every street corner I’m tempted by the most delicious food you can find anywhere, and sometimes all I wanna do is eat a gluten free cupcake.  As we call it on the podcast, sometimes, you wanna put “Life Into Living (LIL).” Here are some mindful LIL tricks that work for me.
1.  If you fall off the wagon, just GET RIGHT BACK ON!  The very next meal.  The very next snack.  It might feel weird to do that.  Most of us are used to the diet mentality which states if we blow it, then we should continue to blow it for the rest of the day…week…month…holiday season.  Now now, none of that!  Get right back on the wagon and have a sugar and grain free meal during your very next repast.
2.  Notice how you feel when you “splurge” and eat sugars and grains after not having them for awhile.  Do you feel good?  Bad? Nauseous? Hungover? Craving more carbs?  Tune into those feelings.  Tune into what your body is telling you.  Usually one or two big binges is all most people need to remind them that staying the low carb course FEELS so much better.  I personally have never felt better in my life, so I know I don’t need to push it with too much splurging, or else I’ll feel awful.
3. Prep for the holidays.  Make some sugar and grain free side dishes this Thanksgiving and Chrismukkah seasons. (Round up of Holiday Recipes here).  Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach, which will cause you to overeat everything in site.  It also might cause extreme embarrassment from becoming your family’s official drunk uncle… especially if you’re a woman.  Remember, when you are eating low carb, alcohol tolerance changes, and one drink could cause quite the buzz.  Load up on healthy fats, veggies, and protein at the office holiday parties.
Definitely listen to the Fitness Confidential podcast, where we discuss the holiday eating mindset almost non-stop this time of year.
And one more thing—be easy on yourself.  You got this.  Well meaning people offering up all sorts of sugar and grain filled treats are not the boss of you.  You get to decide what you want to eat.  If you eat Christmas cookies or potato pancakes or too much mulled spiced wine or the whole dang  fruitcake (please don’t with the fruitcake), own your choice, enjoy your choice, and move right on past it.
I think you all are swell.  Thanks for your support this year for Eat Happy cookbook.  Make sure you enter the Instant Pot Giveaway—it’s live until midnight on Thursday 11/30.



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  • Michele Cryan / Reply

    Okay – we made gravy for a roasted chicken yesterday. Turned out awesome. We followed a Chef John recipe for the gravy and after consulting the internet we didn’t use any rice flour or cornstarch. We used whole whipping cream to thicken. Turned out perfect. Just thought I’d share this with as I didn’t see gravy in your cookbook which I own and love. It’s one of his older posts (which I just found!!) so the quality is not as good. But Chef John is a super sweet guy with great recipes – you’ll love him. Here’s the link

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